Posted August 4, 2020 at 12:25 AM

Here's the last full page of this chapter! Thank you so much to everyone reading along, again.

Before the next chapter starts updates, I'll be taking a few months to finish revisions on thumbnails & color script for the last 2 chapters, and getting a solid buffer of inked & colored pages done too.

I know that's a longer break than most webcomics take in between chapters, but Kochab is something I work on after both my full-time job and freelance work, and since we're nearing the ending I really want to take a little extra time to make it the best comic I can! I'll also be posting some art here in between chapters, if you check back in once in a while. :)

Keep an eye on my twitter or tumblr if you want to see how things are coming along. I hope you all stay safe & well in the mean time, and I hope I'll see you guys back here at the start of November! <3